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  • Al Maaref Private School

  • Al Maaref Private School

  • AMPS Sports Festival 2017

  • AMPS Sports Festival 2017

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  • Al Maaref Early Years Phase/ KG

  • Al Maaref Early Years Phase/ KG

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   School Open Schedule  [ Dear Parents, please see the News section of the School Open Schedule]    School Uniform  [Dear Parents, This is to inform you that the School Uniforms will be issued from 4th September 2017 at EVOLVE Garments. Please visit news section for details.]    Final Exam Schedule  [Dear Parents, you can get the Final Exam Schedule from Learning section.]    

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MOTTO / Ethos / Mission



Developing The Talents Within Every Child


AMPS seeks to holistically develop positive, optimistic and resilient global citizens that are socially conscious and prepared to meet life challenges.



AMPS strives to make a positive difference in every child life so they are empowered to flourish and be the very best they can be.


Core Values:

AMPS sets out to educate all students with a firm set of values, which it seeks to uphold in all its academic and extra-curricula activities. These values are:

  • To encourage and develop respect for self and others
  • To develop positive, optimistic and happy students who have a strong sense of pride in their work and value achievement
  • To equip our students with self-confidence and resilience to meet the challenges of a continuously evolving world
  • To involve our students in the promotion of a caring and compassionate society, both inside and outside the school
  • To encourage a sense of inquiry, inquisitiveness and a passion for life-long learning
  • To present opportunities for our students to be innovative, express their creativity, and develop critical thinking skills
  • To promote interculturalism, practicing tolerance and developing an understanding of the global interdependence of individuals, groups and nations

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Al Maaref Private School

Ensure that you student/s are register for 2015-16 year
Kindly ensure that you student/s are register for 2015-16 year to avoid disappointment more

Enrolments for KG1 - Grade 9
Enrolments for KG1 - Grade 9, will open on more

IELTS training for Grades 11 and 12
IELTS training for Grades 11 and 12 will start on 20/04/2015 more